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A relaxing Virtual Reality experience from


Daytrip VR Offers a Self-Guided, Calming Escape from Reality

Embark on a serene journey where relaxation is personal and unrestricted. Unlike assignment-based meditation apps, DayTrip VR allows you to unwind at your own pace by offering a tranquil escape from reality in beautifully hand-crafted environments.


Experience the Seamless Exploration Loop

With no timed tasks or required objectives, users can explore a variety of nature settings with seamless transitions, interactive elements, rich ambience, and customizable weather and day/night settings for their ideal immersive getaway.

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Discover Hidden Wonders: Rewarding Vista Points Await Your Exploration!

In DayTrip VR, users are rewarded for exploration with stunning vistas featuring calming visual and auditory events. These immersive experiences are designed to enhance relaxation while making each journey uniquely memorable.

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